Internet & Social Media Responsible for Trump’s Ascendancy

How could someone as ignorant, as blatantly narcissistic and thoughtless,
as full of meanness and a racism that is both hateful and casual,
how could such a person be a serious contender for president?

The answer must be some combination of powerfully irrational forces. It
can’t be that half the American people are racist and cruel and unthinking
to this extent; in fact, it is remarkable how many likely Trump voters say
that they don’t believe that Trump will do the things he’s threatening. They
don’t take his declarations seriously. They like the performance – the
outrageousness of it is the appeal. The magnetic charm that people felt
when they watched The Apprentice is what they continue to love now, even
though the context is picking a president, not watching a preposterous
comical TV show.

Nothing Trump says or does rebounds against him. Asking the
Russians to spy on his opponents, saying he’ll break treaties if he feels
like it, that he thinks about shagging his daughter, locking up Moslems, building
a 500 mile wall to stop the “Mexican rapists” who are flooding in, and all the
rest, it’s no big deal. It’s the thoughtlessness, the ruthlessness that
counts. Because the obligation to care about what your words might do –
like encouraging white supremacists and racist cops to shoot black people –
Trump denies any such obligation and asserts his right to ignore the
well being of, much less the rights of, anyone else. Shut up with that crap,
he says. And he shows us that in American in 2016 you can get away with that.
So many people want to hear this message – they are so tired of being asked
to care about other people, about what’s right. They love him for giving them
the right to act out their anti-social impulses. Look, he’s saying what
we feel.

The way people communicate with each other now – and therefore the way that
we think about things, especially about other people and politics and culture-
are the hyper-fast, hyper-shallow ways of internet & ‘social’ media: email, texting,
twitter, facebook and the like. All encourage fast shoot-from-the-hip
rat-a-tat-tat responses. We find on the internet – surrounding whatever valuable
information or cool entertainment and social connection we desire –
that we are awash in thoughtless, abrasive, self-aggrandizing expressions of loud,
obnoxious, profane outrageous sentiments. “I’m great, me and my friends think
that you suck” is the most common text or subtext. Hyperbole meets hyperbole,
generating the infinite varieties of interminable morphing shitstreams of
cybertude. In such a world, in such a universe of discourse, Donald Trump’s
politically hideous violations of decency seem tame by comparison. No biggie,
no worries, it’s all good.

All of us think within the world of our social communications. The fact that
people can be vicious and thoughtless in public and be proud of it and get
away with it has poisoned the rivers in which expression, thought, and
human connection must swim. Donald Trump is the president from Twitter.
Intelligent and humble analysis of why the world is the way it is and
what to do about it rarely fits into 140 characters. It’s so yesterday.

There’s a phrase from Joseph Conrad often used in literary criticism:
“The fascination of the abomination”. We can’t take our eyes off someone
who behaves like Donald Trump – the more outrageous, the more dishonest
and slanderous, the more rude and mean he is, the better. The tabloid media –
and what medium is not tabloid now – egg him on. We’ve grown accustomed to
our fellow citizens being vile in public, and getting rewarded for it.
Donald is a mutant fascist celebrity politician bred in and adapted to
our grievously polluted skin deep sorry ass society.

This story does not have a happy ending.

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One Hundred and Thirteen Days To Fascism

One Hundred and Thirteen Days To Fascism

Nearly half of the voters in this country
seem to believe, or pretend to believe
that the Real Estate Tycoon and
Reality TV Star Donald Trump
should be president of the united states.
Enough to possibly actually elect him.

Irresponsible, thoughtless, ignorant, irrational
attitudes, unthinkable intentions are wildly
at play. We are at risk of massive race-based
detention, race wars, and nuclear warfare.

What can be done?

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Why Have You Not Shot Your Iphone Yet ?

cloying pictures of infants snorkeling, of ennui-beautiful girlfriends, of cute Chinese ladies lying on a bed of oranges, of hate filled bums souring your holiday, of what, of buy me this, of buy me that. doesn’t this make you furious ? hypnotically people trudge on with their hand on their hand held tv’s what is on their minds what do they think they’re doing this is the night of the living dead but worse

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distressed and crazy

they’re everywhere if you look at them
the edges of the mall the bus the
7-eleven in old rangled houses smoking
muttering shuffling to the men’s room
in the library the bus terminals
the tenderloin grief stricken faces
short small tight languages of
drawling agony

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asking for sympathy deemed unsafe

in Tulsa that August it was hot
the only life form outside was
lizard or below
the young man complained of not being
paid enough
a very old and very salty guy in long cowboy
boots up on the desk toothpick in teeth mouth
said to him
are you looking for sympathy in Tulsa?
the only place you’re going to find it
is in the dictionary
between shit and syphilis

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Overcome Self Help Technologies in 7 days

How to Overcome Self Help Technologies
and become the frail, wasted
suffering lost soul that you were meant to be
while withstanding
the relentless attack of
happiness theory and theology

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They cheered for God as if he were a rockstar

as if cheers were rockstars
marco rubio’s i’m the greatest speech in iowa
after coming in third
he listed all the people who had helped him
and then he said he wanted to thank the almighty
and the wild and crazy white boys whistled and cheered
as if god was the greatful dead or o.j. simpson or someone
yeah! yeah! God! yeah

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miraculously contrives its own narrative

There’s some way in which
an itch along the back
corner border of the back heel
where it touches to the side
leather where it meets the heel
some way in which that
itch is an outdoor itch
bringing the history of
outdoor itches in the past
different from all common
indoor itches. In this way
context miraculously contrives
its own narrative.

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it’s the typing of the rhythm that lets you remember even the number password

yes it’s the rhythm that’s always there in the most prosaic and tedious of contexts, of moments of typing in a barcode and feeling that 21223032441993 is way right, the rhythm, the feel, the knowing what comes next I can feel it // and of course what this is is the memory of doing it and feeling it and it feeling right inside of it and getting inside of it the limbs the muscles the cells the how it is

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Charlie Parker’s Confirmation: List of Performers

Charlie Parker, 1920-1955;
Miles Davis, 1926-1991;
Teddy Kotick, 1928-1986;
Max Roach, 1924-2007;
Ella Fitzgerald, 1917-1996;
Benny Carter, 1907-2003;
Charlie Shavers, 1920-1971;
Flip Phillips, 1915-2001;
Ben Webster, 1909-1973;
Oscar Peterson, 1925-2007;
Barney Kessel, 1923-2004;
Ray Brown, 1926-2002;
Dizzy Gillespie, 1917-1993;
Thelonious Monk, 1917-1982;
Curly Russell, 1917-1986;
Buddy Rich, 1917-1987;
Roy Haynes, 1925-;
Sheldon Manne, 1920-1984;
Gene Orloff;
Hank Jones, 1918-2010;
Howard McGhee, 1918-1987;
Kenny Clarke, 1914-1985;
Roy Eldridge, 1911-1989;
Percy Heath, 1923-2005;
Danny Bank;
John LaPorta,

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